May 19, 2017

CEO, Harald Zapp Speaks All Things Entrepreneur at Commerzbank Conference

startup entrepreneurs

Serial entrepreneur and CEO of NBT, Harald is regularly being asked to share his thoughts at events throughout the country, and this week was no different. Following an invitation to the Commerzbank conference, Harald presented his ideas on IoT entrepreneurship for the future. The following is translated from a transcript from the event… You are a […]

May 17, 2017

Next Big Thing AG and Avnet Silica Partner to Develop next Generation IoT Devices

avnet partner

AVNET SILICA PARTNERS WITH NEXT BIG THING AG – ENTERING INTO AN INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP SHARING KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE TO DEVELOP NEXT GENERATION IOT DEVICES. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Next Big Thing AG, today announce that it is teaming up with Avnet Silica to offer knowledge sharing and expertise to develop the greatest new IoT devices and […]

May 11, 2017

Iot Security Met Blockchain at Our Speakers Event – Just in Case You Missed It

Last Wednesday we hosted a meetup event at our Berlin offices on the topics of IoT security and blockchain technology. Speakers from IOTA and eciotify spoke to an eager audience of nearly 100 blockchain enthusiasts. Following a short introduction from Jasmin, Dominik Schiener (Co-founder, IOTA) and Sebastian Gajek (Co-founder, eciotify) shared their thoughts on where they see […]

April 26, 2017

Meet CEO, Harald Zapp

CEO, Harald Zapp

After successfully building IoT middleware company Relayr, Harald Zapp began a new project as CEO of Next Big Thing AG. Discover Harald’s thoughts on the future of IoT, the political and cultural aspects that will drive growth and where he sees NBT fitting into all of this… How do you think IoT will transform our lives in the […]

April 24, 2017

Next Big Thing AG host IoT and Blockchain Expert Talks

NEXT BIG THING AG TO HOST EVENT OF EXPERT TALKS IN IOT SECURITY AND FEASIBILITY OF BLOCKCHAIN APPLICATIONS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Kreuzberg, Berlin: Wednesday May 3, 2017 – 19:00 UTC+1 On Wednesday 3 May at Tempelhofer Ufer 17 Next Big Thing AG will host an event of expert talks on the topics of IoT and Blockchain technology. Speakers from IOTA and eciotify will […]

April 18, 2017

Meet founder of Assistr, Jens Grudno

Founder Assistr Jens Grudno

NBT is the home of founders in IoT applications for healthcare, property management / smart building and energy. All bringing something slightly different to the table in terms of background, experience and what they’re passionate about. Meet Jens Grudno – founder of Assistr, a new project hoping to revolutionise healthcare. Discover all about his background and […]

April 12, 2017

CEO, Harald Zapp Speaks at the Launch of the Fraunhofer IoT Lab in Berlin

Following the launch of the Berlin Centre for Digital Transformation, at which our CTO, Jasmin Skenderi spoke, Fraunhofer FOKUS recently opened the IoT Lab. The IoT Lab plays host to a plethora of technologies, resources and expertise including; a demonstration centre that aims to train and consult it’s users, an IoT test centre which provides access to test beds and […]

April 4, 2017

Meet our CTO, Jasmin Skenderi

CTO Jasmin Skenderi

Our growing team at NBT is jam-packed full of interesting people with unique stories and backgrounds. Our CTO, Jasmin Skenderi is one of these people. Discover all about Jasmin, his background and his take on the future of IoT and hardware startups… For those that don’t know, could you tell us a bit about your […]

March 30, 2017

Meet Our Tech Lab Head Technician, Fred Tucker

Technician IoT Startup Jobs

Our workshops play host to, not only a plethora of technologies, but innovative thinking as well. At the heart of this thinking are our team of experimentalists – the guys making stuff happen. If you’d like to know more, and why these guys spend their days tucked away playing with code and machines… meet Fred Tucker, […]

March 28, 2017

Inspire Your next Business Case with a Select Few Exciting Opportunity Spaces in IoT Healthcare


The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the ways in which businesses work. Spending on IoT is set to grow exponentially over the coming years with companies from all industries beginning to recognise the opportunities offered by IoT. A recent BCG report estimates total spending on IoT to reach €250bn by 2020 with a […]