We strongly believe that innovation around Internet of Services is driven by both technology and customer focus. When the technology is there, the challenge is choosing and pursuing right use case to create real business value. With so many potential applications of IoT technology, how can you be sure you’re pursuing the right use cases to create real business value for your company? Is a first of its kind industry program enabling large and medium size enterprises to transform their current businesses with the power of IoT.
By engineering a joint venture between an organization, talented entrepreneurs and NBT we can identify the most promising use cases and diminish the implementation risks. This unique set up forms a partnership based on deep industry insights, understanding of the complexity of the IoT world, vivid entrepreneurial power and strong customer focus.

Explore our Success-Factors

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    Getting the business case right

    Our main goal is to create value for an existing business, actual customers and stakeholders. Therefore, the innovation process is strongly focused on discovering the real needs and creation of a unique user experience. We developed a unique method to speed up product discovery and assess IoT business models to ensure customer acceptance and sustainable revenue stream for a new venture.

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    Embracing the entrepreneurial culture

    Large corporations often find themselves stuck in a linear mindset, unable to anticipate the exponential growth of smaller businesses and start-ups. We involve brilliant talents, who react to rapid changes caused by exponential technologies and shape the future of their own core business by experimenting and iterating. Being strongly connected with the tech startup community in Europe, we reach out to the most talented founders and startups and bring them in to drive newly created ventures.

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    Reckoning on the technology

    From the first steps, we focus on technological feasibility and co-develop a solution together with a corporate and established network of our technology providers. The versatile NBT Tech stack is a powerful base for a new venture, reduces uncertainty around reliability of IoT technology, product development time, and the risk of tech breakdown.


Our Process

Discovery of the organizational challenges
  • Insights in value creation of current business
  • Operational team constellation
  • Definition of strategic goals
IoT Design Sprint
  • In-depth user and market research
  • Co-definition and co-creation of an MVP
  • IoT Business Model design
Rapid prototyping
  • Technical feasibility assessment
  • IoT business case validation
  • Large scale pilot project
Venture engineering
  • New venture establishment
  • Co-financing and IP division
  • Product development roadmap
Market entry & distribution
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Marketing and sales set up
  • Production & delivery