The Internet of Things is growing exponentially. From chip manufacturers to internet providers, from cloud companies to Big Data analytics platforms, the IoT ecosystem is ready to change our world. IoT is disrupting entire industries, creating new market leaders and leaving laggards behind. How can you capture this value and bring a true benefit to your users? That’s where we come in. We are IoT experts and business architects creating a unique IoT-ecosystem, which consists of corporates, investors, founders and startups, community partners, IoT and hardware experts, technology providers, makers space and co-creation facilities.
Together we create a HUB for IoT to enforce collaborations and establish a strong, competitive and powerful IoT expertise for Berlin, Germany and Europe. Get a 360-degree perspective of what’s happening in the world of IoT and learn everything you need, to launch and grow your ideas. Get all the resources and a starting point to build creative innovative new products, services and platforms, with everything listed in one place to find the perfect match.





NBT acts as a centre point, around which all elements of an evolving IoT ecosystem exist. Partner with us, become part of our universe and join our journey to build the greatest IoT ecosystem in Europe.