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Next Big Thing AG (NBT) is Europe’s premier startup incubator for the Internet of Things and Services (IoT) and Blockchain. As a company builder and operational VC, NBT acts at the nexus of a continually growing ecosystem of corporates, founders, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and politicians. With our know-how in IoT, we are the touchpoint for innovation in Europe – enabling companies to realize disruptive innovation with exceptional speed.

Validation, realization, and market introduction.

Next Big Thing generates long-term value within 6 months through our innovative “Time Machine Approach” - ensuring added value, profitability, and scalability for ideas in high tech with well-defined business models, market size, and early cash flow. Compared to alternative innovation models, the company-building method reduces investment cost significantly. Our successful approach derives from a team of software and hardware experts, a unique Venture Design Process, and our priority access to a network of investors, startups, and high-tech providers.

Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy established the “Digital Hub Initiative” with 12 hubs in total. NBT represents the official IoT Hub for Germany, which broadens the scope of NBT and the technology segment overall.

As the leading driver of innovation in Germany, NBT offers the opportunity to develop your future digital business areas through joint venturing. With a joint IoT-venture, companies become part of NBT’s unique ecosystem.

You dream. We create.

Join the New Era of Fundraising
Neufund’s technical infrastructure means ETOs herald a new era of legal and secure ICOs, where tokens guarantee equity rights. Investments into NBT’s token, NEXT, can be made with either ETH and EUR, closing the gap between the crypto world and traditional investment. This ETO opens up the playing field for owning shares in the high-tech future. By investing in NBT, investors are driving innovation In Germany, Europe, and beyond as we develop the next big thing in the IoT and blockchain space across diverse industries. Invest Now!
Meet our Investors

Rudi Ludwig

Investor / Advisor

As IoT will significantly change service and industry structures, NBT offers early participation in this disruptive opportunity. They convinced me with their clear focus, proven track record, and professional attitude. The concept and structure is purposefully goal-oriented.

Meet our Investors

Johannes Schmidt

Investor / Advisor

The idea of investing in a company builder and VC appealed to me. NBT struck me as a powerful and long-term instrument to tap into a dynamic ecosystem (including engineering, startup spirit, and IoT/Blockchain opportunities) to strengthen Europe’s technological competitiveness.

Meet our Investors

Martin Krill

Investor / Advisor

A company builder helping entrepreneurs to realize their vision in IoT has infinite possibilities. As a Managing Director in the IT Space for over 20 years, change has never been this fast. NBT is a European-based innovation partner and technology provider, enabling clients from large enterprises to SMEs and across industries and regions, to reinvent and disrupt business. NBT’s track record with ventures and key decision makers convinced me to invest.

Join a new model for funding and building early stage IoT and Blockchain ventures, supported by the German government, and applying solutions in a broad range of industries and future markets.
Due Diligence
Discover well-researched opportunities for viable business models with calculated associated risks and early cash-flow generation.
Access a global investor community and key players across a broad range of industries for a leading role in global high-tech competition.
Achieve high-equity stakes in ventures and receive intensive post-investment involvement with a clear roadmap created by previous NBT use-cases.
Benefit from the breadth and depth of our team’s knowledge in successfully launching tech ventures to provide operational lift and an unfair advantage.
Receive above-average ROI. To date, we've created over €100M of value and all investments have led to subsequent external rounds.