At Next Big Thing AG we create IoT services, build IoT products, and accelerate IoT businesses. As we embrace the full potential of the connected world, we continuously seek solutions to bring transformation across industries and borders. We strongly believe that the model of a company builder is the most suitable for nurturing IoT ventures as it tackles major challenges specific to IoT, such as high up-front investment, a long product development process, and technological challenges.

In order to build IoT products and successful IoT companies, we offer tailored nurturing, solid technical support, seed funding and corporate partnerships. NBT Labs supports entrepreneurs throughout the entire validation process. We being by researching the greatest challenges facing industries today, and then work together to find solutions to these challenges. Once we have distilled the greatest ideas, we build. So, founders and entrepreneurs come in with an idea and come out with the finished pre-certified hardware product.

Explore new ideas and build IoT products with NBT


We run Next Big Thing AG on the belief that great companies are built by great people who are given the trust to start doing what they do best. Whether you have a business idea or not, working together with NBT means validation of the business case at speed. We work together with founders, who aim to transform entire industries with the tremendous capabilities of IoT technology. Consider NBT as a platform to realise your dream.

If you are interested, share your profile and ideas via our careers page with us. We are constantly searching far and wide for venture developers to bring on board.

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Besides partnering with individual founders and building new ventures together at NBT, we also invest in strong teams and promising IoT business cases in Energy, Health, Real Estate and Transportation. In particular, we are looking for:

  • Pre-prototyping stage & prototyping stage
  • Business-oriented team in need of technical support
  • B2B and B2B2C business models

Attractive IoT business cases aside, we are looking for progressive startups. If you are developing enabling technologies to complement our NBT Tech Stack like wireless connectivity, technologies (such as LoRa, 6LoWPAN, NB-IoT, WiFi, BLE), security and cryptography, protocols, operating systems and cloud solutions, please get in touch.

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Regardless the stage of your idea or startup you start working together with the core team from day one.

We walk together with you through the toughest moments by helping you with:

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    We take the lead in the tech development of your product and build it with the proven NBT Tech stack together with exceptional software and hardware developers. You profit from the experience of our experts. The product development process shrinks from year(s) to 6-8 months with NBT.

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    While you are focusing on your business case, Next Big Thing AG takes care of seed funding for your venture. We raise up to 250K in the seed round and support you with bridging investment.

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    Search for new opportunities within our partner network in Germany and Europe. Build relationships with corporates and technology providers.

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    We work together in the spacious co-working space in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin. Besides office space, you have access to our maker space and prototyping facilities. Finally, you become a part of our culture, celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation.