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Metr builds modern IoT infrastructure enabling connected use cases in the housing industry. Our vision is to democratize the use of IoT in the housing sector through affordable, open and interoperable systems.

Metr’s story is unique. As one of our primary ventures, the company was founded in the November of 2016. Before the end of the first month, Metr had already established communications with the largest housing association in Berlin. And subsequently, worked closely with them to develop a relationship and understanding that would lead to a fully user-centred approach to product development. We expect Metr sign off on a partnership deal within their first year, launching the first product before the end of 2017.

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blockchain startup

Eciotify is a blockchain startup enabling IoT devices to utilize the blockchain by providing the technologies for secure communication, smart contracts and easy-to-use configuration and programming tools in the world of the share economy and autonomous values handling.

One of the core concerns of smart contracts is security. The eciotify platform leverages recent advances in cryptography and special-purpose hardware architecture to ensure absolute security, whilst maintaining minimal manufacturing costs. This, coupled with an extendable and exchangeable communication and orchestration stack, zero configuration effort and no constraints caused by any specific IoT standards, makes for one of our most technologically exciting ventures.

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Connected pants assistr

Assistr researches and develops technical solutions for the medical, nursing and healthcare sectors to allow for an independent life of elderly people and people in need of care in their home environment.

Founder, Jens Grudno launched Assistr in late 2016 hoping to find solutions that would assist the elderly and better their quality of life. Assistr’s first product uses connected pants to indicate the sanitary status of the patient and the perfect time for medical staff to assist them. This is done through a statistical evaluation of moisture zones inside the pants. In the future the smart incontinence pants will be able to predetermine different diseases and statuses like dehydration enabling a more comfortable and safer life for the elderly in the home.

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NR-GEN facilitate the billing process for tenants, purchase energy at lower price and optimize consumption – we make the energy demand transparent and predictable via the NR-GEN cloud solution by gathering data using latest IoT sensor technology and blockchain.

Its primary objective is to facilitate the democratization of energy transfer between local producers and consumers of energy. NR-GEN recognises the necessity of such a product in the context of renewable energy where supply and demand don’t always match and sees itself laying the technological foundations in which thriving renewable energy infrastructures can be built upon.

Crypto co-develop a new series of secure and affordable IoT chipsets with the ability to implement a trusted execution environment for smart contracts, complying with the highest encryption standards, in order to secure the economization of future IoT devices.