assistr creates a complete care infrastructure, primarily through intelligent incontinence solutions.
assistr establishes a connected care system built around smart undergarments for people with incontinence. The connected pants indicate the right time to change them, increasing comfort for the wearer and ease for the care provider. Statistical evaluation of moisture zones inside the pants contributes to this efficiency.
weeve enables the commercial usage of IoT data through autonomous trading of trusted digital assets.
weeve uses blockchain technology and smart contacts to enable secure and autonomous trading of trusted data between IoT devices. Trading data across scalable weeve marketplaces leads to an Economy of Things – encouraging participation in global, real-time, digital markets.
METR builds modern IoT infrastructure, enabling connected use cases for the housing industry.
METR’s democratizes IoT for the housing sector through affordable, open, and interoperable systems. METR provides multifunctional IoT gateways enabling services for landlords and tenants and offering high data protection. In complex buildings, METR’s devices read heating consumption data and securely provide data back to housing companies through the internet or cloud – for fair, efficient billing.
nrgen is developing a smart agent to empower flexibility for optimized digital energy marketplaces.
nrgen provides digital infrastructures for the energy market of the future – decentralized, renewable, digital, and automated. In anticipation of new regional marketplaces, nrgen is developing a smart agent to optimize energy trading, source energy directly, and shift loads – allowing for flexibility on both the generation and consumption side.
evertrace brings transparency, agility and accountability to complex supply chains.
The evertrace solution delivers nearly real-time cargo status updates, automates complex processes via smart contracts, reduces operational inefficiencies through notifications and alarms, and enables shared documentation between relevant stakeholders.