We are building an
IoT world of tomorrow
We are a
company builder
We are a
technology provider
We are an
innovation partner
We are an
operational VC
We are
everything in one


NBT AG is a Berlin-based IoT company builder, operational VC, technology provider and innovation partner with a strong vision of creating a complete framework for building and accelerating thriving ventures in the area of Internet of Things.

We are a team of experienced founders, business architects and tech experts, who launch several ventures per year together with brilliant entrepreneurial minds. At the early stage, we provide seed funding, engineering expertise, partnerships as well as tailored guidance for our portfolio companies.

The Next Big Thing AG has established three areas of competence:


Our Ecosystem


Our Innovation Garage


Our Startup Colony




Developing ideas with industry partners in a standardized procedure to NewCo


Provides all necessary resources – from experienced management teams and founders to the IoT infrastructure


Development and launch of UseCase oriented Internet of Things startups




To make digital transformation and IoT-driven innovation
a reality for Startups and Companies throughout Europe.


IoT Company Builder Structure

Alien Products


We provide a dedicated NBT technology stack and support our ventures in building the technology, enabling their business case.

Serial entrepreneurship
We bring the experience and know-how of running successful IoT and high-tech ventures to NBT.

Customer-driven innovation
We drive innovation around IoT by connecting the dots between customer needs, technology and partners.




Our investment strategy is strictly focused on creating and financing our own ventures in the IoT field jointly with external investors and industry partners. In addition to providing financial support, we constantly add value to our ventures in an operational capacity in business modelling, customer and product development and UX. Together we strive for rapid business case validation and technical feasibility assessment.

Our main focus is to be an IoT company builder however, in individual cases, we do consider investment in external startups that are at the conceptual or prototyping stage, where the business model and potential co-operation appear particularly promising and meaningful for us. In particular, we are interested in the startups, on the horizontal domain complementing our existing ventures and on the vertical domain enhancing NBT Tech stack.